Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil harmful to the body or not?

Modern nutritionists and medical discoveries that. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not harmful to the body at all. In fact, what hurt the body is processed vegetable oil or vegetable oil that we use in cooking today. As the news in the U.S. those Operators of food Fast Foods was sued database allows consumers to fall ill because of the oil through a process of Trans fatty acids are cooking.

On the other hand, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to help prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer, not because it to burn fat fast is not retained. And does not increase cholesterol and the saturated fatty acids, helping to control the oxidation of fat in the body. Reduce free radicals. Make good skin. No wrinkles, premature aging.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not harmful, even with small children. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in acid Derrick million. The fatty acids found in breast milk sure enough. How to eat Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is best to use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil instead of other vegetable oils in cooking or to eat any food supplements. Adults eat 3-4 teaspoons a day Children 1-2 teaspoons per day, divided by the average eat in small increments until the end of each day or mixed in drinks like hot cocoa, hot water or warm fruit time. Tomato juice mixed with warm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is very tasty.

Good quality Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Good Quality of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Preliminary view of the Ministry of Health standards, Factories,  and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil production process. Validation from the Department of Medical Science clear colorless Contaminant-free fragrance certified. On the bottle label, but you can check the quality by themselves are simple.

2.1. A clear, clean oil is clear. Transparent manner. May compare the quality of the clear differences in each brand was not clear. Because the bottle is not in the same manner the color of the plastic or glass. May have some affect on color.

2.2. Smell the scent of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Need to feel that soft fragrance oil is fresh. Does not smell rancid or sour, although activated odor must not be changed. However, some manufacturers have modified odor the use of synthetic perfumes smell extravirgincoconut or to smell extravirgincoconut. This will make a very fragrant in the open bottle or open use. After that, the scent will fade. And turn rancid. And the age of the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not long.

2.3. The light of good quality Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the viscosity of very low light. Time to eat through the throat more easily and quickly. Feeling of melting in the mouth. While not severe swallowing throats odorless oily.

2.4. And absorbed into your skin. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil quality. A small molecule. To absorb into your skin quickly. Not leave the oil floating on the surface.